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Cobra Libre Ultimate Male Vibrator

Cobra LibreCobra Libre Male Vibrator – £89.99

Acclaimed as the world’s first genuine vibrator for men, the Cobra Libre is a luxury vibrator that has been designed to not only look stunningly stylish, but most importantly, to provide unheard of stimulation to a man’s penis.

The Cobra Libre is unlike just about any male sex toy in that it doesn’t stroke or suck, simply uses vibrations to stimulate the head of your penis.  Whilst the Bliss toy (see below) also goes for sheer pleasure, the Cobra Libre is unique in that it, just like a female vibrator, it vibrates to stimulate the most sexually sensitive part – the tip of your penis.  The Cobra Libre is the first true male vibrator.

Apollo Vibrating Male Masturbator

apollo-vibratorApollo Vibrator for Men (£49)

An intensely pleasurable experience awaits your cock when you insert it into the richly ribbed and textured sleeve and then switch on the powerful vibrating feature of this amazing toy!

Caress the head and shaft with your choice of 30 vibrating speeds and patterns.

Comes with a reliably strong suction cup for incredible hands free masturbation fun!

Penis Sleeve Vibrator

marc dorcel vibratorMarc Dorcel Sleeve Vibrator (£12)

A vibrating penis sleeve that will add to the sexual pleasure of both yourself and your partner.  The ultimate sex toy for couples, the Marc Dorcel Penis Sleeve is ribbed and has a single speed vibration that turns love making into an out of this world experience.

A male vibrator that your partner will love as much as you do!

Doc Johnson The Super Sucker

doc johnson super suckerDoc Johnson Super Sucker (£22)

Made from ultra-realistic UR3 skin like material, the Super Sucker from Doc Johnson is the most exciting male vibrator since the Cobra Libre.

The Super Sucker is a vibrating male stroker – deep ridges stimulate your cock as you slide it along the length of the masturbator, whilst a ball shaped massager powered by a bullet vibrator buzzes your penis head.

The vibrator features 3 speeds and 4 patterns.  Vibrators for men have truly arrived.

Hand Solo Male Vibrator

hand soloHand Solo Vibrating Masturbator (£24)

A vibrating male stroker powered by a bullet vibrator.

Easy to grip and comfortable to handle, this male vibrator will buzz your penis as you stroke it with the toy.

Can be used as a solo male vibrator or as a sex toy for couples.  Better than a real handjob!

7 Function Rotator Male Vibrator

7 Function7 Function Rotator Male Vibrator (£79.99)

An exciting new male vibrator with 7 different functions and five different speeds.

This vibrator is a ‘rotator’ – it vibrates the penis using a variety of spins and twists, letting no less than 120 soft delicious beads swirl around your penis at a speed of your choosing.

There has been a ‘rotator’ type male vibrator before in the form of the ‘rotobator’, but this is a much more sophisticated toy, and one a lot less likely to de-sensitise your penis as it carresses your dick in a variety of motions and speeds.

Lelo Tor Vibrating Cock Ring

Lelo TorLelo Tor Vibrating Cock Ring (£64.99)

This beautiful vibrating cock ring will fit seamlessly around your penis, transmitting six different powerful vibration modes to both your penis and to your lover during sex.

Of course, a vibrating cock ring as good and as powerful as this makes a great solo masturbation toy for men.  Use while fucking  a masturbation sleeve such as a Fleshlight to have an incredible out of this world experience.



BonerShaker Male Vibrator – £116.95

This is an amazing new vibrator that can be used by men or women (perfect for couples!).  For men, the BonerShaker has been expertly designed to stimulate what is known as the male version of the female G-Spot – the ‘F-Spot’.  This is the Frenulum, which is the elastic band of tissue connecting the penis gland to the foreskin.  The BonerShaker has been designed to comfortably fit the contours of the male sex organ.  Just rest your penis against the body of the BonerShaker and feel the intense vibrations against your F-Spot.  The result will be like nothing on Earth you have experienced before.  A unique,  powerful, and superbly designed male vibrator.

Bliss Male VibratorBliss Cordless Male Vibrator – £78.49

This might look like a power tool, but it’s actually designed to pleasure your most intimate tool.  The pink extension fits on top of the vibrator.  Put your penis in, switch on, and feel yourself being teased and tickled by soft silicone fins that rotate at speed around your cock.  It certainly has plenty of power – with two rotation speeds and two vibration settings to choose from.

The Bliss Cordless Vibrator is a new kind of sex toy for men.  It’ sole aim is to provide maximum pleasure to your penis.  It doesn’t claim to be a realistic pussy or to suck you off.  But it will make you cum within minutes as you feel sensations in your penis that no woman on Earth can give you.